Jessie Ann Elliott


Things I have created for you with love

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During my Fourth Trimester with my daughter, my creative practice evolved to include something really specific...

 Breastfeeding inspired art.

Owning the title of creator felt so damn good. I felt incredibly excited to create something that really honoured the journey of breastfeeding and really elevate the role it had on not just the bonds I formed with both my children, but the self love, self compassion and expansion that came along with it. It felt right to express myself in this way, in addition to being a writer. 


In this collection I have created for you Digital Images in photo dimensions (as opposed to Instagram dimensions) that you can have printed and displayed yourself. Simply purchase the Digital Image, and it will be emailed straight to you to have printed! So easy he he.

I would love to see how you display this art in your home, please feel free to tag my Instagram @theloveandpurposeproject so I can come and shower love on you!

Annnnd if you have a vision for something you would like created, please reach out! I can absolutely make a custom piece for you!