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The blog I tried to write so many times this morning

I have tried to write this blog so many times this morning. I wanted to try to summarise our first two weeks together in a neat little box.

But I kept starting and stopping.

I didn’t know how to condense it.

Then I thought, of course I can’t. I have ticked off so many emotions in a day that it is impossible to give each experience adequate air time. The complexity and gloriousness that has been my experience is hard to reflect all at once; in one post.

So I guess its handy I am doing a post a day on my socials hey? Lol.

In this moment I am reminded that our experience of matrescence is a vibrant and rich as the colours of the rainbow and can be as dark as the night.

Honouring each part of this journey is a big priority for me. Making friends with the dark, dancing on the rainbow, stopping to smell the flowers.

It is all important.

It can’t be condensed.

And that’s the exciting part I guess.

Perhaps at the one month mark I may be able to pull together a common thread? Or share a more profound insight? Perhaps its enough to at this stage say, this transition is as complex as it is glorious, it’s as challenging as it is joyful; and I am a freaking amazing human, doing the best I can.

And that is all from me today.

#90EmotionalDays #Day16 #MyFourthTrimesterProject #FourthTrimester #Toddler #Newborn #Motherhood #Matrescence

Image: Me in my third trimester of pregnancy with Miss E. I am on a beach in Dudley. I am wearing a white dress, looking down and cradling my pregnant belly. I have all different coloured flowers in my hair.

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