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Rewind time and maternity leave update

Remembering why I came to social media in this capacity and acknowledging I am about to birth a human.

I spent a moment reflecting recently about the day I decided to make a separate Instagram (from my personal one) to share my personal development insights and reflections.

I sat in this energy over a few days. I felt excitement in my belly that I hadn’t felt for a long time.

I was about 9 months postpartum and finally starting to pull myself out of postnal depression and anxiety (or postpartum depletion) when I started the Instagram.

I had gone through the ringer in that first 9 months in a process that had me gradually re meeting the parts of myself that were closer to my actual essence (and saying fuck off to the rest lol).

The decision to write, to share, to create, to laugh, to cry – and do it all openly and vulnerably was liberating and so freaking exciting.

This first Instagram was called ‘DarkNForbesy’. It was a play on dark and stormy using my maiden name. It was to represent the disruptive but cleansing nature of a storm; and I guess upon reflection, the visible nature of the transformation I was entering into.

I started a blog at the same time and launched a new one each Monday. Predominately, I would listen to Jay Shetty Podcasts and reflect on what the content helped me unpack or sit in discomfort with. I shared other stories that felt aligned and I pulled a new Reflex Card (loooved these!) each week and shared my response whilst asking others to reflect too.

I did all of this only for myself, it didn’t matter who was watching; in saying that, I know that my sharing bought others comfort and value which made my heart so happy.

Soon after starting this first Instagram, I started studying Holistic Counselling, then Women’s Circle Facilitation, then Soul Modes Mentoring. It all morphed into a business page rather than what it had originally been started as. It also had a name change to Jessie Ann Elliott.

For me, this change bought so many lessons, triumphs and mistakes.

After well over a year as Jessie Ann Elliott (who also got a corresponding facebook page), and after an incredibly difficult first trimester with bub number two, I started a new Instagram and started to get a different focus. The Love and Purpose Project was born.

A further rebirth even more into my essence had begun.

I am in my happy place when I am sharing a story about a significant insight I have had, I am in my element when I am sharing something vulnerably. I love to laugh and whenever I can do that, I am in my glory. I love to create art that visually represents a journey. I just love sharing stories and asking questions. I love uncovering something new about myself.

With all that in mind, I feel this whole project morphing back into my original intent. Sharing what I am going through and my life. Being in service to myself in the most vulnerable and transformative way to inspire those around me. This will be my next growth cocoon.

I am here to share. I am here to help others share. I am here to create. I am here to question. I am here to contribute to reducing stigma around mental health, infertility, changing your mind and being as silly and vulnerable as you damn well want to be. I am here to make motherhood look how I damn well want it to look. I am here for the pause.

Ohhhh, and here are those butterflies again 😊.

So what is this going to look like on IG? Well, I will continue to share my personal and spiritual growth. I will be sharing what I am going through. I will be sharing what I learn. I will be having conversations with people.

But there will be no new offerings from me for a really long time. Not until it feels aligned to do that again.

You in for this one? I think this is going to be a ride and a half ha ha.

#DifferentBirthStory #DifferentPostpartumJourney #SelfGrowth #Healing #Expansion #NearlyMumOfTwo

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