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My Fourth Trimester Project

I am DETERMIND NOT to abandon myself, dissociate from my emotions and meet external expectations this time around.


No believing I don’t deserve time for me or for rest.

No believing I can’t do things or an adaption of things that light me up.

No disassociating.

No judging myself on the standards of the myth of the perfect mother.

No believing it is wrong to receive and allow help.


NO shame if I decide to change my mind at any point about ANY decision or plan I had made pre baby girl arriving.

I have joyfully told people that creativity, and claiming back space for me, helped me heal from Postnal Depression and Anxiety. So. This time around, it has been an important part of my Fourth Trimester Planning.

A key component of this is a project I am calling 90 Emotional Days (so Fourth Trimester plus a few more he he).

This project has been inspired by a Challenge I have done many times before called 100 Happy Days. However, the purpose of this project is to help me improve my ability to name the emotions I am experiencing (spectrum of emotions); then representing that through photos, graphics (or any other art I create), videos or words.

I am excited to use my socials (facebook and Insta) and my blog to share this project.

If you know of any pregnant friends who may want to come on this journey too, please feel free to tag them, I would love to share this experience with others. Even if you aren’t pregnant and this project calls to you, please reach out.

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