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Just one of the Life Changing Books I have read

Ok so its world changing books and amazing tools time!

There are many books in my life that have made a significant impact on who I am today.

There are two I credit in particular for being key catalysts out of Postnal Depression and Anxiety.

And one of those IS drum roll…… Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein.

I mean of course it is! It is one of the first books I recommend anyone. Currently it is sitting next to my bed and I intuitively flip through it every night and let it fall where it needs to, to tell me what I needed to hear that day.

I found Gabby through the ON Purpose Jay Shetty Podcast (don’t even get me started on this dude though, another life changing story for another time lol) and instantly knew I needed the book she was talking about.

One Chapter in particular has continued to stick out to me, nearly two years later (well a lot of it but this one in particular). And its right up-front Chapter One ‘The Universe Always Delivers’.

What I knew to be true in the moment I read this chapter was that I was no longer a victim of what was happening to me but a master in training of my own mindset. I was actually acquiring the super power of entering a portal to a new world.

Sure, I had understood this on some level for a few years, but it wasn’t until I read this chapter that I finally made a commitment to myself to start the process of taking back control. It was likely because the tool Gabby explains made sense to me, it was so damn accessible! And it was something I could easily tap into whenever I needed to.

SO first and foremost, jump online and order yourself this book if you haven’t already, but also, summarized below is the 3 Step Choose Again Method.

Step 1: Notice the Thought

If you have found yourself feeling stress, fear or negativity consciously take a step back. This is done by noticing the thought/s and the energy associated are out of alignment with joy. You can do this is your head but processing in your journal or the notes on your phone would be incredibly beneficial.

Step 2: Forgive the Thought

Forgive yourself for being out of alignment and celebrate the fact that you have a desire to shift out of it. Thank your negative thoughts and feelings for showing you what you do not want and uncovering for you what do DO want. If you are writing all of this done, jot down next to the thoughts in your journal or notes on your phone ‘Thank you for revealing to me what I don’t want so that I can clarify what I do want’.

Step 3: Choose Again

In your journal again, ask ‘What is the best-feeling thought I can find right now?’. Then put the call out to the Universe (or whatever this is called/looks like for you) to guide you toward that thought. Gabby then gives us an affirmation to say ‘Thank you, Universe, for guiding my thoughts toward good-feeling emotions.’

A key component of this is keeping in mind you don’t have to come to the ultimate solution in this moment, it is at this stage just the next best feeling thought. It has to be something that we BELIEVE.

A favourite of mine at the moment is to say ‘I am open to help, I am open to creative solutions to XYZ’. I find that even the feeling of being able to release this problem has an instant calming effect.

This is only one of the amazing tools in this book. Cheeeeck it out! And if you already have and you are already a Gabby fan, let me know below.

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