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Its a skill to stop repeating patterns

I have so often had a moment of clarity around a pattern that I have kept repeating or read a fantastic book with many penny drop moments; and assumed this would all just become a part of me forever.

It didn’t. I forgot. I repeated patterns. The same opportunities for me to grow kept showing up in different relationship or in different scenarios and the wonderful learnings I took from a book were never to be thought about again.

Ok so not alllll of the time, but a lot.

I started to see one key difference in the lessons that stuck. I acted quickly on the inspiration and created a habit.

The HeartMath Institute assures me this a common issue people face. We don’t act when in inspiration from insight because we have no idea that we are on a timer. But when we do….magic happens!

The HeartMath Institute gives us their tips for anchoring insights:

  • Revisit your commitment to practicing new intentions throughout the day and occasionally breathe in the feeling and memory associated with it. This will increase the strength and resilience of your intention.

  • Remember: Using any new tool each day for a week (or more) anchors in your new habit, which will soon become an automatic response.

  • Appreciate any positive benefits, as reinforcement lifts the spirit of your commitment.

Ok so first lesson for us all. How are we going to anchor THIS insight? Lol.

One of the most profound shifts I made recently was in our nighttime routine. What was happening was that as soon as dinner was finished (it had to be ready no later than 6-6.30pm) I would start to get really anxious and stressed. I would leave my body. Mitch would be trying to have a conversation with me and I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. All I could think about was ticking off things on a list so we could get to bedtime.

It was exhausting for me and no doubt not a fun experience for anyone around me.

I decided one day that I didn’t want to be so absent at bedtime anymore. I started working on beliefs I had around what HAD to get done, I left things or delegated and let go of the minute at which F had to be in bed. I started to take deep breaths when I felt the familiar feelings at the end of dinner to regulate my nervous system.

This work really took effect when we moved into our new home in August. It has definitely been a much more enjoyable and present nighttime ride from then on.

There are still times when I slip into old habits, but these instances are much fewer and far between than they use to be.

How have you anchored learnings in the past? What has helped you? I’d love to hear your hints and tips.

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