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Gestational Diabetes is helping my relationship. Um whaaaaaaat?

Hubs has had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 3 years old. He doesn’t have a memory of life without it.

So I’ve been around testing, insulin, lows, highs and diet awareness and management for over 10 years.

Whilst getting diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes on Wednesday was a bit of a shock (didn’t have it in first pregnancy), it was an easy transition given my in-house expert. I just delegated all set up it was great!

Something I didn’t expect though, was how it would impact our relationship.

Hubs has really seemed to enjoy sharing his knowledge and helping me eat the right things and problem solve on my blood sugar levels.

He has also really enjoyed making our levels a bit of a competition.

It has bought some light-heartedness to something that could have felt quite challenging and frustrating.

It has also bought home for me how much I am not currently prioritising play in my relationship and how powerful it can be (of course!!!). It is also showing me a great opportunity to look at some of the beliefs I have around what my relationship is ‘meant’ to look like as parents to a young family.

This has encouraged me to find ways of incorporating this new knowledge of his play archetype into other areas of our relationship.

If you want to know more about play archetypes, I wrote a blog on it on 29 September. (Which I just noticed is actually Mitch’s birthday! Thanks universe for the sign! Ha ha). The graphic to look for has three smiley faces on it and says ‘Play is not just for kids. We all benefit from play.’

How do you incorporate play into all areas of your life? And what is your play archetype?

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