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Day 9 - Grounded

๐ŸŒป Grounded ๐ŸŒป

This morning I was laying down on my side in bed. Baby girl was close to me happily feeding; she was snoozing on and off and would reattach properly when she woke. I could not take my eyes off her little face and would every now and again run my fingers down her cheeks, over her hair or trace the outside of her toes.

My presence with her was heightened by the massage I was getting from a beautiful friend and Postpartum Doula.

I felt grounded. I felt cared for. I felt calm.

This is what we all deserve as a postpartum experience.

Our culture has done a lot to erode our experience of motherhood, and particularly the Fourth Trimester. But I see many people doing some great work in burning down the systems and structures that have stopped women and birthing people thriving for some time now. I am heartened at what I see changing in the world right now; and I am hopeful for a different experience for my son and daughter as the norm, not something that has to be fought for.

The birth of my son helped me see all that needed to be changed and shifted in this world, and the birth of my daughter has allowed me to create a different experience for us all.


This gets to be nourishing.

This gets to be fun and joyful.

This gets to feel good.

This gets to be calm.

This gets to be glorious!


Tell me about one of your favourite Fourth Trimester experiences?


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