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Day 8 - I love me

💫 This is what seven days after giving birth looks like for me ✨


Yesterday, Home Grocery Delivery Driver Larry looked at our collection of newborn nappies and said to me ‘Stocking up already?’. I said ‘No mate, we have a one week old’.

You could see he realised he had put his foot in it 😂.

I just smiled 💁‍♀️.

Yes Larry, this beautiful representation that I just gave birth does not go away the minute she comes out.

I will continue to be round and jiggle for a while.

The words ‘bouncing back’ are like swear words in this house ha ha. The completely unrealistic and ridiculous expectations set up by our culture on birthing people does not get to live here in my home or my head.


So today in my 90 Emotional Days, I am feeling:

🌻 My Postpartum Body he he 🌻

I LOVE ME! 😍😍😍

But thank you Larry for reminding me to shower my incredible body with love today, as damn she is magnificent!

Also, YES there is clutter in the background. I’m a mum to a newborn and a toddler, I ain’t cleaning that sh!t 🤪.

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