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Day 72 - Sickness, sickness bloody sickness

For those following along here yesterday, our little guy has been diagnosed with croup.

He will be three on Sunday and this is completely new for us. He has had bouts of tonsilitis, but never croup.

Last night was technically his second night. The first night was damn scary! Last night was so so much better so are 💫 hopeful 💫 he is smashing it.

He is on treatment for it, as much bed rest as possible and we are keeping up the fluids and pain meditation.

We are hopeful everything will be cleared by Friday night, but taking it day by day. Feeling quite 💫 overwhelmed 💫 and 💫 worried 💫 about the seriousness of it all.

Yesterday we all pilled into our big bed (Super King = best investment ever) and watched Toy Story for the afternoon. Got to say, it wasn’t just Mr F who enjoyed it. It was a beautiful slow afternoon for us all.

I try to lean in to these moments as best I can all the time, but when the little ones are sick, I hold an even higher value in being able to stop, pause and be even more present with everyone.

Ahh kids, constantly bringing us back into the moment. Bloody love it! Lol

Any mama’s with experience of this and want to throw any advice my way?

Beautiful quote by @amytaylorkabbaz so accurately guiding me through this time, and all the damn time really 💕.


Image Description: Pale pink background with a white breast in the top left. Milk is flowing from it to the bottom of the image. Text says 'Be gentle with yourself first, then it flows onto everyone around you.' - Amy Taylor-Kabbaz'

Image Description: Overhead shot of Mr F and Miss E. They are both asleep in our bed. Mr F is wearing a blue top and Miss E is wearing a white shirt with red flowers.

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