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Day 71 - Doing this parenting gig, together

Only a few short days and it will be three years since we became parents!

We won’t always get it right; in fact I bet we do things spectacularly wrong daily.


I am grateful everyday to be on this adventure with you. I am grateful we give each other compassion in our mistakes and encouragement to do things better next time. I am grateful we are both committed to supporting the little humans that chose us to be everything they want to be in this lifetime.

Amongst feeling 💫 overwhelmed 💫 this week supporting Mr F through a cold and a newborn with newborn things, I feel lucky to have such an incredible partner in crime.

Know that you are so loved Mitcho!


Image Description: Me and Mitch holding Miss E (on a our newborn photoshoot when she was a couple of weeks old. We are smooching. Mitcho is wearing a shite t-shirt and I am wearing an orange dress. In the bottom right is a yellow text box with the words 'One touch, one word, one smile, one nod. That's all we need sometimes' - Amy Taylor-Kabbaz.

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