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Day 71 continued - It still feels good.

This whole 90 Emotional Day project had to feel good.

That was my prerequisite for continuing it on any given day.

If it started to feel like just one more thing, if it felt like it was overwhelming me; then it was getting picked up and chucked in the bin.

But it hasn’t. It has felt incredibly nourishing and healing to share my journey.

EVEN on the sh!tty days. Probably more so on those days.

My goal going into it wasn’t to make sure I shared only the emotions that would fall under the more socially acceptable category of ‘happy’ etc. This was not meant to be a highlight reel. This was meant to be a human processing a transition in real time. What it also became, was sharing a further creative practice, the creation of digital art mostly around breastfeeding; which was unplanned but has been glorious.

Whilst I have not detailed every single hardship on my socials, ‘My Fourth Trimester Creativity Journal’ (and now its sister the ‘Today Tomorrow Journal’), definitely caught the detail of my journey so far.

I know it isn’t over yet, I still have more of the newborn phase/Fourth Trimester to experience; but I wanted to jump in to say thank you. Thank you for the support on my posts and in my DM’s. Thank you for telling me my expression is bringing value to you in some way. Thank you for celebrating the new path I am seeing expand before my eyes everyday about what my work will look like in a few months.

All round just thank you! You have helped me thrive during this transformation and I will always hold each and everyone of you in my heart!


Image Description: a close up of my smiling, mouth closed, at the camera in my bathroom. I am wearing a grey shirt and dark green skirt. I have my hair up in a yellow scarf and I have used Canva to insert orange, purple, yellow and red flowers on my head.

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