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Day 70 - The start of my legacy

We have a sick little guy at the moment (bad cold not the big C) who is in and out of our bed


something that was part intended, and part reinforced because a beautiful friend put me onto @beyond_sleep_training_project ,

is that our bed is available to our children whenever they need it (Note: Mr F who is nearly three only just got his own room six months ago and Miss E is in a co-sleeper in our bed).

The last few days have gotten me thinking…

I have been consciously looking at the pieces of my MotherLine that I want to carry forward and who I innately am (MotherCode), in what will ultimately become my MotherLegacy.

We were always able to hop into our parents bed and this bought a sense of safety that no doubt has had an incredibly powerful impact on my life.

@kimberly.ann.johnson talks about how discovering our MotherLegacy takes time, yet is ultimately a reflection of our true nature.

As someone who values connection, kindness and safety of expression; this part of my mothering is definitely a no brainer.

I am still working through the gifts of my MotherLegacy, and how to visually represent them; but this is the start of my MotherLegacy Tree.

Have you determined your MotherLegacy?

Feeling 💫 determined 💫 and 💫 inspired 💫 to work out my MotherLegacy 💖💕💗💓.


Bright yellow background with a yellow tree in the centre of a bright pink circle. Text at the top of the circle says 'In the night-time, our bed will always be a place you can feel safe.'

Image description: Overhead shot of Mr F snuggled into me under a blanket. The blanket is purple.

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