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Day 69 - Drinking in the silence

I’m alone.


Miss E is asleep. Mr F is building with Mitch out the front and playing with the neighbourhood kids.

I’ve got pen in hand and my journal.

It’s glorious!

I’m not doing anything our culture would deem ‘productive’. And yet what I am doing is incredibly crucial.

I am modelling to my children what it looks like to rest and do something that you enjoy. I am giving my intuition space to flow from the pen.

Feeling 💫 contentment 💫 and 💫 inspiration 💫.

Resisting the urge to fill my time with tasks is my biggest obsession. Nothing has called me in to more presence with myself and my environment than motherhood (and breastfeeding - there are things you just can’t do with a baby on the boob no matter how hard you try 😂).

On another note, what should I call this image? Milk drops of wisdom? 😂


Image Description: Bright pink background with a while milk drop in the centre

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