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Day 66 - Feeling connected

My head was screaming at me to get up.

Even though I had a headache. Even though I was tired.

Miss E was asleep.

Mr F was occupied.

‘You can work now!’ My head said.

Even my gut chimed in to give the feeling of missing out.

But I told it all no.

My heart said stay.

Because what was I missing out on? What kind of ‘work’ would have gotten done if I’d pushed through? If I had severed this moment of connection.

So I stayed a bit longer. Her head and body as close to me as she could be. Her breath remained steady.

I still get caught up in the want to ‘fill the time’ sometimes, to not just ‘be’. Even though I have done a lot of work to shed beliefs around this that don’t serve me, it still creeps in sometimes.

But the heart won. My desire to break this cycle won.

I stayed. She slept. I rested. I released guilt.

Feeling 💫 connected 💫.


Image Description: Close up of me laying down with Miss E breastfeeding on the lounge. In the background is Mr F.

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