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Day 65 - We can all win

I finished this graphic earlier today;

Whilst Miss E was having an early morning sleep and Mr F was having screen time.

I was sitting having a glorious coffee and a play. This made me feel incredibly 💫 happy 💫, 💫 fulfilled 💫 and a great sense of purpose.

Yes of course there are times when we need to put our children’s needs first, but I am also damn worthy of my needs being met.

Sometimes this happens whilst they are awake (in either combining our values or using another method like the screen lol), and sometimes this happens before the house rises and I saviour the blissful silence. And sometimes this happens when I invite in the Village for support or hubs gets home.

But I am absolutely worthy of looking for, and creating the space for my needs to be met (without trying to fill the space I create with household tasks if that isn’t what feels good for me in that moment).

No guilt. No shame. Just humanness.

That’s all I wanted to say 😊.


Yellow background with a pink outline of a torso with breasts. Out of the top and breasts are pink butterflies. The text in the top right corner is the text 'Assuming a Mother putting herself first means she's putting her children last, presumes the needs of Mothers and children are always in tension. That serving one is inherently a 'taking away' from the other. But we exist in relationships, not in a simple binary of competing needs.' - Dr Sophie Brock

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