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Day 63 continued - Changes made

Of course this was going to happen!

I had been running on coffee and chocolate (ok yes some good food, but more bad than would be ideal).

And minimal sleep

And (managing my nervous system through increased) big toddler feels.

And breastfeeding a newborn every 30 minutes to 2 hours.

And no time away.

With only 1-2 days of support during the week for Mr F (with of course Mitch’s help in the late afternoons though).

So of course things were going to come to an effing head.

‘Bon appetit’ 🤦🏼‍♀️😂.


Yesterday Mitch called his Mum to help with Mr F this week. Mr F and I looked at a school (that he continues to be really excited about). Our Woolies order arrived to our door packed to the brim with highly nutritious food and I am also going to be ordering some organic fruit and vegetables.

Today, I re-ordered my supplements and I am resting whilst Miss E is asleep (whilst Mr F is with my Mum).

And I am drinking water (will have to gradually wean myself off the chocolate though).

Kick up the A received!

I’m on my way back!!!!


Video Description: I am talking to the camera wearing a blank singlet top, my hair in a low pony to my left with a yellow headscarf.

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