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Day 62 - I got here as fast as I wanted to ;)

It’s not always possible anymore for me to be where I say I am going to be, at the time I said I was going to be.

I have been progressively working with time ‘estimates’ for a while (So I’ll be there before 9-9.30am). This has recently also expanded to, let me see how I feel in the morning and I’ll let you know.

This is the season I am in. I know it doesn’t sit right with everyone in my life, and I absolutely have compassion for that.


I have an 8 week old baby and a busy toddler. I am a high risk for Postnal Depression and Anxiety.

I’m going to have to listen to me. I’m getting better at articulating this as well to people in my life.

Part of me honouring and respecting myself right now is making sure I know that all of this is ok. It is ok to decide the morning of something that it feels too hard today.

And ooft, has the last week called for honouring my energy levels whenever I could 😂.

Oh and thank you Karen Walker for this epic line 😂..


Video Description: Close up of me talking to the camera. I have a white shirt on and my hair up in a yellow hair scarf.

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