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Day 61 - And she was up

It was 3am this morning,

when Miss E decided she wanted to get up for the day.

Well, that she wanted to wriggle for about an hour then go back to sleep.

Normally I could just put the boob in her mouth and she would drift back off.

Today was not that day.

So up we got. Swipe for the beautiful stern little face and then the sleepy one lol!

But once I was up, I was up.

So, when my gorgeous little cherub went back to sleep, I made this. I call it ‘4am Thoughts’ LOL.

Feeling like today will be a long day lol (BUT I am also enjoying the quietness before Mr F gets up ha ha).


Image: Pale pink background with red outline of a torso with breasts. Out of the breasts, white drops of milk a falling and appearing to splash at the bottom. In the place of a head is a sunrise. Out of the head is coming butterflies, books, paint and a pad and pen.

Image: Miss E wide awake looking up at me. She is wearing a white short sleeved onesie and has a dark purple blanket on.

Image: Same image as above, except Miss E has now gone to sleep.

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