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Day 59 - What I am bringing with my in my Mothering journey

I have been gradually moving through the prompts that called to me in this beautiful Fourth Trimester Journal by @kimberly.ann.johnson

This week I have started thinking about what Kimberly calls our MotherCode.

This requires that we consciously choose the pieces of our Motherline that we want to carry forward as well as discard notions of how we think things should be in favour of how they actually are.

Aside from thinking about beautiful memories from my childhood, and what part my Mum played in them; I have also been thinking not just about the expectations placed on Mothers in the modern world, but what I actually want this experience to keep looking like for me.

How can I bring everything that is unique to me to my Mothering and experience of Motherhood?

This has been a question I have been pondering and trying to shed layers off for nearly three years.

What I know in this moment, is that I am someone who needs a lot of alone time to recharge. I will never be someone who thrives off being in contact with people ALL the time. When it comes to my Mothering, this means allowing in help from the village to spend time with my babies, and rising before the household to breathe and create or just be.

I will not tell myself that this makes me a bad Mother. This is just how things are, these are my needs. When I cannot get this space physically, I will also not feel guilt for allowing the toddler to have screentime sometimes whilst the newborn sleeps (and I can read etc.).

I know modelling what it looks like to require your needs to be met, will only help my babies honour their own.

What is something that just ‘is’ for you? Has it taken you a long time to accept this? Or have you always honoured it unapologetically?

Also, something that just is. I like making breastfeeding art lol.

Today I am feeling 💫 inspired 💫, as I get to sit by myself for an extended period of time and write and create.


Image: Light pink background with the outline of a torso with breasts. The outline and nipples are made with yellow, red, purple and pink flowers. Pink milk drops fall from the right breast. Text is in the bottom left of the image.

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