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Day 56 - Saying no to expectations

Saying a big fat no to the Perfect Mother Myth since April 2019 (well I played in it for a while before I realised it was a sh!tty game, but ultimately failed, as we all mostly do).

I have never been able to fit very well into what our culture deems as an acceptable way of being and expressing in this world; and my experience of motherhood has been no different.

The difference in my experience of motherhood, is that I have never felt such intensity to have to completely abandon myself and perform in order to appear good.

Yes, I have been a Good Girl for as long as I can remember, but this felt different. The surveillance, the encouraged competition between mums, the lack of support in all the ways felt next level.

And in some ways, it absolutely still does.


Once I realised that the expectations placed on us were socially constructed, once I started to look to other cultures for how they experience and revere motherhood, once I gave myself that permission slip to bring more of my authentic self/weirdness/interests into my mothering; everything changed.

And Ive been bringing untethered unicorn energy ever since .

Feeling inspired and determined to continue modelling what it is to embrace your weird.

Thank you @drsophiebrock for the work you are doing in this space. Thank you for giving people the knowledge and skills everyday to re-write this narrative for themselves and challenge our cultures warped expectations.


Video Description: Me talking to the camera, with Miss E asleep on my shoulder. I have my hair up in a bun with an animal print scrunchie and I am wearing a pink shirt.

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