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Day 54 - Saying goodbye

Feeling 💫 sadness 💫.

This morning I finished the last two pages in what has become a possession very very dear to me, ‘My Fourth Trimester Creativity Book’.

This journal has held me through these first nearly eight weeks of postpartum and I feel an incredibly deep connection to it.

I had been disappointed when I finished notebooks in the past, but this one feels different, and imagine I will be revisiting these pages for the rest of my life. I imagine I will be showing my children and grandchildren with such pride and enthusiasm.

I bought another one the other day to take it’s place, as I knew I was coming to the end of this one. On it is says TODAY and TOMORROW with a line through TOMORROW. This one called me as I had been getting too far ahead, I was forgetting to ground and be present in the moment as often as I would have liked. It’s not adorned yet, but I am deciding today that this adornment will evolve over the next week weeks.

I wrote a bit of a love letter/goodbye this morning, but I am still not ready to let this journal go.

Interesting the connection we make with things isn’t it?

This quote from the fab @amytaylorkabbaz sums up how I am feeling about the next stage. Combining my inspiration and enthusiasm with deeper and more intentional presence and connection.


Image: Pale pink background with a milk splash at the top. White milk drops are falling *upside down* from flowers on the bottom of the image. Purple, pink and orange flowers at the bottom of the image that have a red outline of breasts over laid on top of them. Text is in the top left of the image.

Image: I am sitting cross legged on the carpet. In front of my I have my first Fourth Trimester Journal 'My Fourth Trimester Creativity Book' and my new one which has writing on it that says 'Today' then the word 'Tomorrow' underneath crossed out. The first journal has a marble pink background and scrap booked letters. The second has a pink and yellow cover.

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