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Day 52 - My little adventure buddy

I want you to stay little.

And yet I absolutely don’t.

I look into your little eyes, still deciding on what colour they will be, and I wonder about the adventures you will have. The fun we will all have as a family.

And yet I love right now too. When you can still so clearly articulate your needs and show so much love just through a look that it brings me to my knees.

I love that you are ALREADY my little adventure buddy, just like your brother.

Grateful everyday you choose us baby girl. Excited for the lessons you will teach me in this lifetime.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago at a local art gallery. This furry wall was absolutely life! It was the first proper outing I had with Miss E and it was glorious.

Feeling 💫 thankful 💫 and 💫 pensive 💫.


Image: I am standing to the left of the image looking down breastfeeding Miss E. I am wearing my hair up in a bun, grey cropped shirt and a dark blue full length skirt.

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