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Day 52 continued - And just like that, the Untethered Unicorn was born

I can see the difference.

In the maiden who had taken her big toe, and dipped it into the small ripples of waves of motherhood that flirted with the sand nearly three years ago [image two].

Ready to dive in; But not really having a choice in any case.

Already experiencing the chafe of a culture that glorifies abandonment of self, operating from a state of fight or flight as the default and predominately values the advice of experts.

Not thriving in the slightest, but determined to continue for the sake of her babe.

I see a woman who already in those few short days felt battered and bruised by a system that was broken, but who also felt the glimmers of what it could be like to feel joyful and fulfilled.

What I now see is a woman who has experienced several dark nights of the soul in only a few short years.

I see a woman who’s recent birth experience was the portal to a power she never knew she could access; and presence she could only have dreamt of up until now, a deeper sense of self.

Compared to that maiden, I see a woman who understands how she was set up to fail and who continues to laugh at the fools who thought she wouldn’t figure it out.

I see a f&cking untethered unicorn!

Dangerous AF is the woman who knows herself and expresses herself.

Feeling 💫 powerful 💫.


Image: Black and white photo of me posing sideways with hands on hips, and closed lipped smiling at the camera. I have my hair up in a bun. Across the middle of the photo is a pink text box with light blue text overlayed.

Image: I am standing up holding Mr F when he was a newborn. I have my hair up in a bun, an off the shoulder long dress and my sunglasses tucked in the top of them. Mr F is wrapped in a black and white stripped blanker. I am open lipped smiling at the camera.

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