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Day 51 continued - Falling more deeply in love with me

I have noticed something incredibly interesting.

As I get further and further into my 90 Emotional Days I am falling more deeply 💫 in love 💫 with myself.

Yes one of the aims of this project was self expression, but I didn’t realise this would continue to evolve into a deeper sense of self love;

But of course it would Jess!

You are getting to know yourself. You are keeping promises to yourself. Showing yourself compassion. Actually listening on a deeper level to what your body needs. Connecting more deeply with people around you.

It’s a little bit of a no brainer lol.

Winning ha ha.

What’s a practice that helps you fall more deeply in love with yourself?


Image: Bright pink background. Outline of a torso with breasts in the centre. Black vines are coming up from the right breast. The outline forms text.

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