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Day 51 - A new project is born. It's about her

The idea found me!

In her book Big Magic, Liz Gilbert talks about ideas finding people who they think can bring them into the world and doing all they can to get said person’s attention.

It will try to seduce us, getting all up in our grill.

Whilst mostly we aren’t receptive to the inspiration because as Liz puts it, we are too consumed by our own ‘drama’s, anxieties, distractions, insecurities, and duties’; sometimes one gets through.

And I have been being chased by one said idea for a couple of weeks now.

Firstly, I saw a brilliant Reel (and sad) that spoke about surnames being passed through the matriarchal line. It changed something in me.


🦋 Two separate Podcasts were talking about Ancestral Embodiment or sourcing an item for reflection from an ancestor.

🦋 I pulled ‘Hear the Ancient Ones’ over two days from my favourite Oracle Deck.

🦋 Someone I follow online spoke about being visited by 11 previous generations of her family whilst on retreat.

🦋 I spoke to a lovely Human Design Reader who said not only herself, but two of her clients had felt called to explore their lineage.


And this was only what I paid attention to.

So over a few days I had the project take full form in my mind. Inspiration came in waves.

🦋 I will find the women in my family as far back as I can go, I’ll find out their maiden names, who they were. If I can, I will get their birth information and find out their Human Design Type. Find out who they wanted to be in this lifetime. Goosebumps.

🦋 I will meditate, try and clear my thoughts and write a message from them. Maybe I will try to Astral Travel 😱. Goosebumps.

🦋 I’ll turn it into a performance piece, I’ll record myself as each woman. Goosebumps. Goosebumps. GOOSEBUMPS!

And the

🌼 What’s Her Name 🌼

Project has been born!

Are you feeling incredibly called to explore your lineage too?

Feeling 💫 inspired 💫 and 💫 excited 💫.


Image: A torso with breasts is in the middle of a bright pink background. A tree is in place of a head, with the roots going all the way to the top of the breasts. A white milk drop falls from the left breast. Text curves across the top of the tree.

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