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Day 47 - Helping my babies feel safe

It’s 5am on Sunday Morning.

I hear the door handle flick in his bedroom.

I am wide awake.

The door closes and I hear his footsteps coming towards our room.

‘Hi buddy’.

The baby on my breast has unlatched, she is laying peacefully next to me in her co sleeper.

‘Come into my bed Mummy’.

I gently slide out of bed and take his hand in mine.

We walk back into his room and I tuck him back in the covers, sliding in next to him.

‘I’m cold Mummy.’

He intertwines his legs with mine and throws his arm across my rib cage. I lay his head on my lower arm while cuddling him with my other.

We lay here.

I kiss his head.

I feel his body warm and the familiar twitches to tell me that sleep has found him again.

I hear my newborn calling out, telling me she is ready for boob again.

I gently unlock our legs and remove my arm from under his head.

Slowly and quietly, I slide out of bed and creep down the hallway.

I am met with Newborn smiles.


Mr F doesn’t need me much of a night anymore, but when he does I love the ability to make him feel safe and warm.

Feeling 💫 content 💫 and in 💫 love 💫.


Image: Black and white image of my laying down next to a sleeping Mr F. I am looking up at the camera wide awake.

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