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Day 43 - Oh my first little world changer

Mr F had a sleepover last night. Yesterday my Mum (his Narnie) asked him if he wanted to stay the night, he said yes.

He has now had nearly a handful of nights away from us hanging out with his Narnie and extended family (my Mum currently lives with her sister and parents whilst she builds a house).

These are all people he sees on weekly basis and a place he is at all the time, so he is incredibly comfortable there.

There have been so many big moments with him over the last five months, all things that hit home to me how much he is growing up, and how much he will continue to step away from me.

He sleeps most nights all night all by himself in his own room now (double bed before he is 3, he is a very spoilt boy lol) and self weaned about five months ago.

This morning I am finding myself unable to sleep (I know what am I doing! Go back to bed lol) because this is such a huge transition for us all and I have stuff I need to process.

Aside from this growing independence, he has been the most kind, caring and patient big brother.

The face he made when he saw his sister for the first time on a video call will stay with me forever. The first time he met her in person will continue to hold a special place in my heart. And the first time he held her has been etched into my memory.

On the one hand I am so grateful for the independence, as it creates some space for me again (that is quickly filled with newborn requirements in most instances), but dealing with the expansion of this little boy’s world means getting comfortable with my new place in it.

And I don’t know how ready I am for this lol.

Love you so much my baby boy, grateful forever that you made me a mama and SO FREAKING grateful you choose us, we love you so much!

Feeling 💫 excited 💫 and 💫 sad 💫today. But looking forward to getting my big boy back this afternoon 🦋.

If anyone feels like sending me bulk love hearts to my inbox today please feel free, it will be very well received lol.


Video Description: Me talking to the camera wearing a grey shirt with my hair up in a bun. I am also wearing an orange headband. The final image is one of Mr F carefully holding Miss E, smiling down at her.

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