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Day 42 - Working out what I actually want

What do you want?

Just a few things that came up for me in a workshop over the weekend by the glorious @katieparkerbusiness@katieparkerparenting .

Thank you to this beautiful human for doing this for free!

I had to dip in and out (even with someone hanging out with the littlies because Mr F wanted to show me things and of course I had to boob the newborn ha ha), but I still got so much from it and loved dedicating time to complete the remainder of the questions once off the call. Ok I’m lying, I’m still working my way through it all lol.

I am enjoying working through this at my own pace. So much is landing for me, I am having so much fun!

Feeling 💫 grateful 💫 for this opportunity and so excited about the next 12 months!

Katie I got super inspired by your Spice Girls Reel so it felt SO appropriate to do one for my reflections so far ha ha.

So what do you want lovely human reading this? I want to:

💗 better develop the skills to determine my boundaries and know how to clearly communicate them

💕 continue to reduce barriers and blocks to asking for help

💓 truly celebrate and acknowledge that creativity, prioritising fun and emotional expression are saving my life right now.

Just gotta work out my actionable steps now he he.


Video Description: Me talking and dancing to camera. I am wearing a white cropped top and denim shorts. I have my hair up in a bun and an orange headband.

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