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Day 37 - Knowing change is inevitable

I want to see her coming this time, the new person that this transformation will invite in, through documenting the contraction and the expansion.

I want to be able to look back and pinpoint the moment it all changed, or the moments that snowballed into one big insight. Or notice that the change was so gradual, that it was only after three months that she showed herself fully.

I want to be the most expressed version of myself that I can right now, because if this is the last time I am her, I want her to feel celebrated and farewelled like the queen that she was.

I love me.

And yet as I write this, I innately know she is already slipping away.

I am ✨ grieving ✨, yet wildly 💫 curious 💫.

But ready.

I will remember you.


Feeling ✨ grateful ✨ today to share this journey so vulnerably.


I pulled this quote from a beautiful Seasons of Mama Affirmation deck last week. It was a beautiful gift from a lovely friend @marysotiropoulos_ . This card stopped me in my tracks and perfectly reflects the postpartum experience for me.

What do you think? Does this resonate for you too?


Image: Bottom part of my pink dress is in the top left. Ground is covered in colourful confetti. Pink box with text in top left.

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