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Day 36 - Community, connection and inspiration

I didn’t surround myself with community when I had Mr F.

I all but removed myself actually.

If you have been following on for a while you will know this was a result of and made worse, my PNDA.

I didn’t want this as my experience this time.

This week is our first week with Mitch back at work full time. And I had locked in activities for us every morning; with people who would absolutely understand if we had to cancel or postpone.

So far it has been glorious! I haven’t had to cancel or postpone a thing he he.

This morning our hearts are so full after playing, looking at nature with wonder (Mr F: ‘Look up in the tree Mum’), and some deep and inspiring conversations for mama (thank you as always Vic for being a truly incredible human and friend!).

Feeling 💫 connected 💫 and ✨ inspired.

How’s your hump day?


Image: Mr F is turned towards a huge tree and is looking up.

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