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Day 34 - Plans and reschedules. It's all ok.

Today I woke up feeling 💫 excited 💫.

Excited that we have things planned for each day this week. This includes one whole day when it will just be Miss E and me.

I felt good that Mr F would have fun things to engage in, opportunities to play, opportunities to socialise and that there would also be pockets of time for me to have my needs met in those activities.

Then after an hour, I began to feel a bit ✨ stressed ✨.

Wait, we have things planned for each day this week (same thing evoking completely different reactions. Hello Bear Mode lol). Cue thinking about all the things I need to make sure are packed, cue thinking about how I am going to work around breastfeeding (Miss E wants boob anywhere between every 30 minutes to 3 hours). And the rest.

Oh lol 🤦🏼‍♀️.

I am comforting myself in the knowledge that anything can be moved. We can be late. Anything can be cancelled if we feel overwhelmed and if things feel too much with a newborn.

Particularly after an incredibly challenging week of sickness in our house.

I remind myself that I am supported and I am loved. The people in my life understand when I have to move things around.

These images play around with representing we are whole with and without the need to meet the needs and expectations of those around us. We are valid in a decision to honour ourselves.

How is your Monday looking? What are you excited about this week?

First up for us this week is Playgroup, Sushi Date with Narnie, Baby Weigh and Measure for Miss E and a visit to Mumma Pops (My grandparents).


Image: me smiling at the camera with my hair out and to the right hand side. I have confetti in my hair and I had edited on pink flowers on the outline of the right side of my face.

Image: Same as above, except I have made my face/body hair slightly more translucent.

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