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Day 31 - Lessons of Gastro

Integrating this lesson this week. Like on steroid’s integrating this lesson 😂.


Well haven’t we expanded our capacity to receive help!

And been forced to prioritise rest.

We accepted sooooo many meals when we had Miss E. We had let largely let go of household tasks. We had let our village support us.

But we were still doing too much at home considering we were in the very early newborn phase.

This week has allowed us to get good at allowing in a whole new way; and letting go of doing the things.

We sent Mr F on a family sleepover when he was cleared of being sick. We had to ask family to hang out with him on one of the days. We had to let go of cleaning the kitchen. And the rest 👋.

There are still activities set up on the table that we have no strength to put away. And I don’t care (we have eaten around them 😂).


Every moment I have and I can, I sit the eff down. Stop. Drop. And Scroll (or just close my eyes 😂).


And here I was thinking after Monday we had learnt all our lessons for this week. Nope 😂.

Thank you Universe for showing me we were on the right track but still had a bit of work to do 😂.

#LessonsOfGastro 😂

Now we are looking at regular monthly to every two month sleepovers for Mr F. As well as getting better at giving each other time to zone out.

And, if night time falling asleep gets hard for the babes, I’m just putting us in the car 😂.

Feeling ✨ optimistic ✨ about some new practices and new level of self compassion.


Video Description: Me talking to the camera whilst breastfeeding Miss E. I have my hair up in a bun and a grey shirt on.

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