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Day 3 - We can stay in our bubble

✨ Contentedness ✨ Mitch asked this morning if anyone was coming around today. I said, not that I am aware of. But I finished with - Babe, we don’t have to let them in if they knock anyway 💕. The thing is, we can appreciate the support offered by our Village, yet also make a decision to not receive people in to our world at every given moment. We can listen to what our body and emotions are telling us, and make a decision that will help us thrive in this moment; Even if that is, damn we are really enjoying our own company at the moment and want to stay in our bubble. It’s all ok. And it doesn’t mean we love those around us any less by loving and honouring ourselves. #90EmotionalDays #Day3 #FourthTrimester #myfourthtrimesterproject

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