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Day 28 - No one who loves me, benefits from me being burnt out

So it’s been a challenging few days of sickness and navigating big feels of all involved.

But ultimately, it all came back to what we could do to support each other in the moment. That’s all we could do.

How this looked, was different for all of us; and each of us was important.

It meant extending compassion and patience where these could be practiced (including with ourselves). It meant letting go of expectations (and circling back to what we needed when we could, if it could not be fulfilled in the moment). It meant working through feeling worried and scared that a little one was unwell.

We are stronger as a family after getting over it that’s for sure 😂.

Feeling 💫 relieved 💫 and ✨grateful ✨ that we could support each other in the ways we did; and that my little dude is well again 🤍.


Image: pink and yellow background with white and red text overlayed.

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