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Day 27 - Deep courage and vulnerability

Miss E and I went into a Book Shop together on Friday. I was so incredibly excited to take her into one of my happy places (Yes I am aware she did not understand the gravity of this situation 😂).

I picked up a glorious book by Brene Brown called ‘Atlas of the Heart’ and randomly opened it at a page. The below quote leapt off the page at me:

‘When someone shares their hopes and dreams with us, we are witnessing deep courage and vulnerability. Celebrating their successes is easy, but when disappointment happens, it’s an incredible opportunity for meaningful connection.’

I absolutely love this! It so simply (yet profoundly) speaks to the next level relationships we can have when we invite people into the transformation we are wanting to make or the change we are wanting to see in the world. The nature of this big work is that it will likely involve heartache; but the biggest quantum leaps in the depth of connections I have experienced have been through sharing pain with others (my own and theirs).

So, as one of my anchor word for this year reflects (Connection), I am so 💫 pumped 💫 to continue to get better at vulnerably sharing. I want to get better at not just connecting with myself (my 90 Emotional Days project), but those around me.

So big love from me to you today, I hope that you are feeling brave enough today to share with someone what is on your heart if that is what you are feeling called to do (feel free to message me if you like!).

And also, send love my way as I get back to a sick toddler #Gastro. Can I add ✨ tired ✨ and 💫 worried 💫 to how I am feeling today? 🤦🏼‍♀️


Image: black and white photo of me with text overlaying the top. I am leaning down on the ground with a closed lip smile. I have my right arm supporting my chin and my left laying behind it. I have my hair up in a bun.

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