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Day 26 - Physical touch is where it is at

In my dream last night I was about to go into labour again. I was waiting in a large room and I was anxious about what was going to happen next.

My Mum and Dad enveloped me in an all-encompassing hug. I instantly started to relax. The hug continued for a long time, until I could feel all tension leave my body.

I also found myself thinking in my dream ‘What the F, I literally JUST did this? How am I going to do night times for two newborns?’ (soo much respect to parents of multiples!).

I was then woken up by Mr F needing hugs and Miss E needing more boob. Within a few minutes I was once again sandwiched between two humans. This time I was the one doing the comforting.

One of the ways I have been helping Mr F with this transition is prioritising asking him if I can give him hugs or kisses (even more often than what I use to do) and touching his head when I walk past him.

This dream reinforced to me the power and importance of physical connection with those we love and 💫 reassured 💫 me I was on the right track! (And it doesn’t matter if it’s a really big thing like being about to birth a human or letting someone know you are thinking about them, HUGS ARE GREAT!)

Do you like physical touch?


Image: Miss E laying face up on a colourful floor mat. Mr F is leaning over with his nose touching her head.

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