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Day 26 continued - Projectile vomit, just like old times...

Woken up on a Sunday to projectile vomiting?

Well well well, isn’t this just like old times? 😂

Except I didn’t get to do the fun things last night. I didn’t get to drink too many ciders, dance for hours, spill everything on an outfit I paid too much for and talk really loudly to strangers who I send friend requests to on Facebook and start to follow on Insta (just me? 😂).

Last. Night. Was. A. Situation 🤦🏼‍♀️

Lots of needing Mum and Dad from both babes last night.

Lots of supporting big feels. Lots of bum changes and boob.

And vomit.

The projectile kind. The kind that means you have to actually throw out your favourite soft pillow 😱.

Today I’m feeling ✨tired ✨ to say the least.


There will be no pressure to do any of the things today. We will go gently on all of us (and damn I would benefit from a nap 😂).

Perhaps old me would try to shake this off, and still achieve things from an unimportant to do list. But not now, now I honour I don’t have the energy. And now I say stuff it.


Stuff it!

And that’s growth 😂😂😂.


Image: me closed mouth smiling at the camera. I have my left hand supporting my head. My hair is out and falling on the right side of my face. I have layered white butterflies on my cheeks.

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