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Day 22 - Nothing is more important helping my baby feel safe and nourished

Nothing more important than this.

Just over here feeding on demand and making sure my baby girl feels safe.

Ain’t no one going to tell me there is anything more important for me to do right now ✨💕💁‍♀️.

After I had Mr F, I would feel guilty about the time I had to spend breastfeeding. I would feel guilty for not ‘wanting’ to get up and complete household tasks; and sometimes that guilt drove me out of bed when I needed to rest so I could tick some BS thing off some made up BS list.

Isn’t it interesting how your life changes when you become aware that we have been conditioned to aspire to unattainable standards?

I’ll be over here feeding and cuddling by baby and feeling ✨ joyful ✨ about it.



Video Description: me laying on the lounge breastfeeding Miss E.

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