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Day 19 - Watching them fall in love

Oh Mama, this has surprised me completely, and is bringing me more ✨ joy ✨ than I could have ever imagined.

“Mummy, can I give baby sister a kiss on the head”

“Where is baby sister?” (if she is ever out of his sight)

“Can baby sister and you please come to swimming with us?”

The way Mr F has been with Miss E is absolutely exploding my heart! The kindness, the interest, the care for her wellbeing.

And all this even though his world has completely changed.

Last night he came in for hugs and wanted a bum change, I was in the middle of changing Miss E. He waited patiently whilst I did that (and whilst Daddy went and got a nappy for him).

When I was done I popped Miss E in the Co-sleeper and asked Mr F if he wanted to lay down on the bed like Miss E had done.

He did and looked up at me with his beautiful blue eyes, I said “Hey buddy, can I please give you a hug?”. He nodded with a huge smile on his face. I wrapped my arms around his neck, as he did to me. It was such a joyful moment of presence with him.

Being his safe place is one of my greatest honours.

(Full disclosure: not every night has been as easy as this; he has needed us for co-regulation which is TOTALLY fine and expected. He is still getting use to Mummy having to breastfeed another bubba. But is overall adjusting really well).

So grateful you chose us little dude, love watching you grow and be everything you want to be.

Mama, tell me some of your favourite heart expanding moments?


Image: Mr F and Miss E laying next to each other. Mr F is driving a care on Miss E's belly. They are laying on a big cushion.

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