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Day 18 - Experiencing it all, and creating anyway

🧚🏻‍♀️ Mama some days do you struggle to collect your thoughts? 🦋

I know for me some days I struggle to pull together a coherent few words let alone a sentence, paragraph or well thought out story.

Then other days, words flow from my heart with ease.

This is normal in the life of a creative, let alone a person who is getting to know a newborn, supporting a toddler with big feels and getting to know herself as a Mum of two (oh and love on my husband mentally, emotionally and spiritually - we can’t ‘physically’ again yet😜 😂).

I guess what I wanted to normalise is that some days I will say things that will make you chuckle or reflect. Perhaps some things I say may trigger you, and invite you in to deeper inner work.

Or sometimes….🤪

They may do nothing. My content may fall flat. It may not bring value. Not because I don’t care when I am putting these words together or an idea, but because sometimes I am still making sense of what is going on in my own world, however I still want to share where I am at.

💓💓💓 Because I have ✨ committed ✨ to show up here everyday for a whole host of reasons. One being to facilitate remaining present and connected to myself.

But another, that I am really only starting to feel in to deeply, is to make sure my story is heard. Because for too long our stories as women have remained untold, erased or devalued.

My job here is not just to connect with myself, it’s to connect with you. And to make sure my son, daughter and future generations of my family know who I am.

Sometimes I may have achieved mastery over a lesson, and sometimes I am in the messy middle of an insight (and anything in between 🤣); all of these parts of me are worth sharing.

And this image is me PHYSICALLY in the messy middle. Because I really don’t give two sh!ts that my house is messy 😜😜.

I don’t have to aspire to perfection, and neither do you fabulous human!

Create anything you damn want to express yourself. Tag me and I’ll come love on you!

And happy FriYay lovely! What are you up to this glorious weekend?


Image: Me sitting down holding Miss E. She is cuddling in to my chest and I am kissing her forehead. I have my hair up with an orange headband and I am wearing a pale green dress. The are toys spread around behind me.

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