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Day 17 - Why did I think I didn't need a bra?!?

Has this ever happened to you mama? 🤱🏼🤱🏼🤱🏼 So yesterday I didn't wear a bra. Or breast pads. And I'm breastfeeding. I was absolutely in ✨ denial ✨about the actual logistics of this whole situation. Even though this is my second time breastfeeding a babe. Best moment? When I looked down at midday and milk was all over my dress. Oops! Here I was going la la la la I'll be fine. I wasn't. To be honest, it would have been super funny if I had been out and about somewhere (and wearing a light colour)🤣🤣. Maybe I can do that next time to cause some surprised looks? 😂😂 Anyone relate? Lol #90EmotionalDays #Day17 #MyFourthTrimesterProject #FourthTrimester #Toddler #Newbor #Breastfeeding #Motherhood #Matrecence #MumOfTwo #SecondTimeMum

Video: Me in black with my hair up in an orange headband. I am wearing a black string y strapped dress (but no bra lol).

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