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Day 16 - I wrote the blog I had tried to hard to write

I had planned this week to dedicate time and space to write a blog about our first two weeks together.

And this morning I did it, but damn I started and stopped so much.

It felt too ✨ hard ✨to try and condense our experience.

What I ultimately had to ✨ accept ✨ on a deeper level was that our experience of matrescence is as vibrant and rich as the colours of the rainbow and can be as dark as the night. And that’s ok.

I am sitting again in acceptance of this contrast, and in awe of my dedication to honour where I am at any moment. The experience so far with my 90 Emotional Days has been liberating to say the least!

If you want to check out my blog, I have popped the link in my bio. This week I have completely redesigned my website based around sharing this experience of Matrescence with you. This is a journey I am so freaking honoured to share, and I hope it brings you value and helps you feel seen in all of your complex glory!

Let me know what you think of how I have been sharing so far, and if there is anything else that would be of value to you.


Image: Me whilst I was still pregnant with Miss E. I am on a beach in a white dress looking down and holding my belly. I have my hair out but there are pastel pink, red and purple flowers in my fair (digitally inserted). The sun is setting in the background.

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