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Day 15 - Radical acceptance of the night time bed hoping

🌻 I allowed and embraced the tears that were rolling all the way down my cheeks 🌻

This morning I listened to the replay of a webinar on Radical Acceptance by Amy Taylor-Kabbaz.

Part of this webinar was to name something, an emotion or situation etc., that I wanted to radically accept.

I chose to radically accept that both of my children need me overnight at the moment.

The past two nights has been particularly wakeful with Mr F wanting me to come into his bed or come into ours, whilst I have been needing to feed Miss E. There has been some bed jumping that’s for sure!

He has had me all to himself for his whole life, so this was always going to be a challenging transition for him, regardless of what we put in place ahead of time to make it easier on him. Mitch is great at supporting and subs in wherever he can, but sometimes, the little dude just needs his Mum.

Overall, Mr F is absolutely thriving with the transition and when he isn’t we are gentle, responsive, hold space for the big feels and help him name emotions.

We were expecting this.

When I was doing the meditation element of the webinar this morning, I was holding this situation metaphorically in my hands. I felt tears streaming down my face.

My tears were not of sadness, they were relief at acknowledging I am allowed to say this is both hard and something that I am grateful to be able to provide for my children; a constant when they feel sad or scared.

I was guided to put the situation into the middle of the circle of women I was imaging myself take up space in; to feel seen by other mothers.

I felt 💫 calm 💫 and I felt in ✨ acceptance ✨ of what my children are currently needing from me; but I continued to allow and embrace my tears rolling all the way down my cheeks.

I know that night times will continue to evolve and change, I know that the key for us is to remain flexible, adaptable and manage our nervous systems as best we can. But I also know that continuing to remove unnecessary expectations on our time during daylight hours and attachment to how things ‘should’ look will remain critical.

I am grateful for this invitation to continue to shed those parts of our life that are not helping us thrive, so that we can focus on the important things.

What do you need to let go of today?


Image: Me laying down on our lounge with Miss E laying on my chest. I am looking at the camera (hair up in a messy bun) with a slight smile on my face.

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