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Day 14 - Visioning

🦋🌻 Vision Boarding for 2022 (with a whole lot more creative stuff taking centre stage 😍 he he).

It feels so interesting to me at the moment that the particular perception I had of what a creative person is has always been incredible black and white.

You must be able to draw or paint REALLY well.

That was all it was to me.

I use to not be able to even consider past this narrow description.

And even though I have always loved writing, taking photos and collaging – I couldn’t accept this as a form of creative expression.

How bonkers is that?

So so many deep seated beliefs and stories for me to continue to move through here. Even posting this feels so wobbly, but necessary at the same time.

These past few months has seen me step more and more into owning the title of creative. Of accepting that the things I have always enjoyed doing are an expression of my thoughts and experiences are inherently creative.

Of course I am a creative!

And now, the next little while will be a process of further integrating all of these amazing things more prominently into my life as something that inspires me and nourishes me 💕✨.

I feel ✨ nervous ✨, 💫 excited 💫and incredibly ✨ vulnerable ✨ (must mean I am on the right track ha ha).

Thanks for being the final piece that opened the portal to this for me baby girl! Mama aint stopping now! 🌻🦋🧚🏻‍♀️.

How is your relationship with your creativity? How has it evolved over time? Did you have the hesitation of owning the title of creative as well?


Image: Pink background with yellow text that says 'Sparkle in 2022' and light pink text that says 'Vision Board'.

Image: Big letters that say 'Creator, Artist, I am a Creative, Writer' as well as various other images and roles

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