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Day 12 - When Mum becomes Mummy

He’s dropping the ‘my’!

This week I have noticed Mr nearly three has given me a new name.

‘Are you and baby sister coming to swimming today Mum?’

‘Hey Mum look at this!’

‘Look at me splashing Mum.’

It was all inevitable, yet I still didn’t see it coming.

Just another action that shows me he is getting older. That he is starting to see himself differently.

I am both 💫 excited 💫 he is growing and changing, and 🦋 grieving 🦋the stage we will never return to together.

Anyone else find the dropping of the ‘my’ a gut wrencher?


Image: purple background with blue, pink, yellow and orange shades in the centre. Text in the middle reads 'When 'Mummy' becomes 'Mum'. From the inside to outside are black lines.

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