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Day 10 - Car trips, photos and overwhelm

When you feed the baby girl up for an 8.30am leave time, but get in the car close to 9am, cause you know, parent life.

Then you have to stop like 15 times on the way to a location; Because you know, she’s breastfed.

And she doesn’t care about the clock (and secretly I love the whole damn thing).

Ok so it wasn’t 15 times 🔹It was only once 🔹 The trip was 30 minutes 🔹 But still.

Those little cries broke my heart!

We stopped. We fed. We remained calm. We got there. Yes we were late and I walked into our photographer’s house with a baby on my boob. Gotta do what you gotta do you know ha ha 🤪.

This is the only time in our last nearly two weeks together that we have had a set time to be any where. The minimal other times we have left the house have had no pressure to be any where at a particular time. But today we got some glorious family photos taken. Our photographer was absolutely sensational about it all by the way (I am guessing it may happen a lot with newborns or parents in general? Ha ha).

It was a fabulous and timely reminder that this time with our baby girl requires patience, flexibility and a whole lot of compassion for ourselves (in terms of nervous system regulation and the things we put on our plate).

So 👇

Slow down. Focus on your breath. Remove expectations on yourself. Do not over commit ✨.

But to be honest, icing on the cake this morning was when I turned around in the car and Mr F had reached over to fix the blanket over Miss E’s feet and my heart literally exploded! 💖

Loving this Mum of two life for the cuteness between these two cherubs!

What can I say, it’s been a roller-coaster of a morning. However, if I had to name a prominent emotion today it would be overwhelmed (thinking toooo damn much into the future and out about what I should have done differently in the past). Great opportunity to pull out my homeostasis toolkit! 🦋

How many times have you had to stop to feed a bub on a car trip? I’m looking for the person with the record here people ha ha.


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