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I believe that there is so much magic and beauty in everyday moments. On night's out, I was always the one with the camera taking random photos's (before our phones were amazing for that). I loved looking back the next day and giggling about our adventures. 

Since becoming a Mum, I have continued with my love of candid moments and enjoy nothing more than snapping photos of beautiful moments throughout the day. 

There are so many memories to document and stories to tell in what we could consider the mundane, let me help you cement your legacy!

I take my love of the candid, graphic design, meditation therapy, conversation and storytelling to bring you unique offerings that will continue to bring you joy and nourishment well after you receive the photos.

New Mama Love
45 Minute Conversation and In-Home Photo Session

Who is this for?

  • New parents who want to capture early moments with their newborn/s in their home

What's Included?


  • 10-15 digital images

  • 1 bespoke meditation addressing any challenges you may be having

  • 3-5 images with quotes added on to them

What's the investment?

  • from $111 based on location

Her Legacy
45 Minute Conversation and In-Home Photo Session

Who is it for?


  • People who want to capture the wisdom of their grandmothers for generations to come

What's Included?

  • 3-5 questions explored and transcript provided

  • 10-15 digital images

  • 3-5 images with quotes added

What's the investment?

  • From $199 based on location