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About me...

I am Jessie Ann Elliott

Writer | Creator | Photographer | Counsellor


I have spent much of my working life advocating for others and helping them have a voice.

For nearly 15 years I worked in Community Development, Engagement and Planning in Local Government. I got really good at listening to others and translating their experience into programs, events or polices. I got really good at standing behind someone else’s struggle and demanding people who can make the necessary changes pay attention.

This felt rewarding for me. This felt like important work. And whilst it still does and still is; there were some things that came crashing to my attention after the birth of my son in 2019.

I had been hiding behind other people’s experiences. I had been hiding behind a job title.

Because, if it’s someone else’s story, then I have nothing to lose to share it. The beliefs I’d had about being too much could continue to keep me safe. My trauma could remain unhealed.  My creative self could remain unexpressed. 

There was no room for the real me, for the vulnerable and weird me, in the layers of bureaucracy. 

Jessie Ann Elliott

With this realisation came three years of deep inner work and further study. In addition to my existing Degree in Social Science, I completed a Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Meditation Therapy. I trained in Women’s Circle Facilitation. And I read everything I could about self development, the sociology of motherhood, gentle and attachment parenting, about creativity. I started to write about my own story. I started to create.

There have been a lot of challenging moments in my life. Moments that have bought me to my knees and forced me to rebuild; And many of these moments have largely remained unexamined, unprocessed and unexpressed. I have experienced grief and loss (from passing of people close to me), emotional/psychological/sexual and physical abuse, depression and anxiety, bullying, infertility and a traumatic birth (this is a snapshot of course). What I have learnt through these experiences is worth sharing. What I see that needs to change in our world is worth fighting for. I want, and have always wanted, better for my children and all humans on this planet now and into the future. The only difference is, now I want to add my own voice to the wave of change.

After years of filtering my voice and expression through too many layers of self doubt and fear, I have a lot to say.

There is room for my voice as well.

When you work with me in any capacity, I bring all of my life experience and work experience to the table. I bring whatever ‘hat’ is relevant to you or your business.

And whilst I still do enjoy advocacy work and helping others find their voice (and know that helping others is crucial to our evolution); When you are in my world you hear mine too. You will hear, see, smell and feel my own unique expression.

Because we all have a story to share, and each of our stories are medicine. 

Let's keep listening, let's keep talking, let's make this world a better place for all of us.

Are you ready to discover how I can support you?