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Jessie Ann Elliot
I am Jessie Ann Elliott

Holistic Counsellor | Family-Friendly Workplace Consultant | Meditation Therapist

I am here to help people step out of their head,
and back into their body and heart.

When I became a Mum to my baby boy in 2019, what I didn’t know, was that I was opening a portal my authentic self. I had thought up until that point I was following my dreams and living a life that I wanted.


I wasn’t.


I was living a life that was built on shoulds and living up to the expectations of others. I was constantly trying to keep my light contained and unoffensive. I would still dismiss my intuition. I was a good girl, and for a time I tried to be a ‘Good’ or ‘Perfect’ Mother. 


I had had many opportunities in my life to come to this realisation earlier. The passing of one of my best friends to cancer when we were 17 in 2005, the passing of my Dad suddenly in 2009, depression in my mid 20s and infertility due to stress and anxiety. But it wasn’t until my experience of Postnal Depression and Anxiety that I started to shine a light on all the ways I had been conditioned to keep myself small. I started to deep dive into topics and courses that I felt called to explore. I started to truly understand the impact of stress on our lives. And I started to take my Super Mode off a pedestal to also nurture my softness and desire for stillness. 


I started to truly feel a sense of freedom, alignment and self love that I had not experienced before. 

Jessie Ann Elliott

After returning to my permanent role as an employee in social justice advocacy and community capacity building 12 months after I had my baby boy, I started to realise that full time work was not for me in this stage of life. I started to truly understand that the skills I had learnt up until this point were to help me spread a wider message, to help people remove stress from their lives and to help people make decisions based on their authentic self (not because of the expectations of their loved ones, workplace or society); but to also be a voice of challenge to ‘the way we have always done things’ mentality. To be a change maker. 


I completed my Certification in Women’s Circle Facilitation, Diploma in Holistic Counselling and MeditionTherapy and Certification in Soul Modes Mentoring in 2020. The same year that I started my own business. This training compliments not just my life experience to date and my innate superpowers, but also my degree in Social Science, majoring in Sociology and Community Development that I obtained in 2011. 


I resigned from my permanent role on International Women’s Day 2021 to focus on myself, my family and my message. 


The rest, as they say, is history. 


I look forward to walking beside you as you transform your life, as I have mine.

Are you ready to discover how I can support you?