Helping people who are ready to reduce stress and critically question how they are currently doing life. 

Jessie Elliot

Hey, I’m Jessie Ann Elliott,


I work with people who are ready to reduce stress and critically question how they are currently doing life.  We work with all of you. That means Mind Body and Spirit to shed the shoulds and cultivate a life that truly brings a sense of joy and purpose.


I help you get comfortable sharing your story so you can change the world with your experiences. 

Together, we create a new world for you and those around you.


On a broader level, I can work with your organisation to support you to be family friendly and one that encourages the mental health of your employees. 

We are all worthy of loving our life. A lot.
A bit about me...

I am on a mission to help people reduce stress, reprogram limiting beliefs that do not serve them, reclaim their weird and rediscover their joy.


I am here to share what is in my heart to create change.

We are all worthy of loving our life. A lot. 


My life has not always been sunshine and rainbows. Sure for the most part I have had an absolutely beautiful and joyful life; but I have also experienced grief, loss, depression and anxiety (both before having my son and postnatally) and infertility. These experiences have shown me the importance and healing ability of my superpower of silliness and joy. It has also shown me the importance of feeling what needs to be felt, unapologetically and sharing our experiences. We share not just to help us heal, but to help others as well.    

I know very clearly now that I am here to support people to get back to their joy. I am here to help people share their stories and feel seen and heard. I am here to walk alongside and empower people to change the world through their voice. I am here to challenge what people assume to be true, that includes in their experience of motherhood as well as paid work.

I am an interesting mix of qualifications in community development, social justice, sociology, counselling, coaching and meditation therapy. This gives me the ability to not just look at people holistically on an individual level, but look at broader social structures and institutions that influence how we currently live our lives. A radical formula for change! 

Together, we can #ShakeThisSh!tUp

Jessie Ann Elliot
Ways to work with me...

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This Guide is a sharing of my experiences and what I have learnt. 

I hope it helps you find what works for you.

Jessie Ann Elliott

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What people are saying

I knew Jess from when she worked as an administrator assistant and I used to go to her for advice. Since then she has started up her wonderful business and helped me put in some strategies to help me with my stress and anxiety. She has enhanced my knowledge on techniques which are easily adaptable to my busy life. She is up to date with her knowledge and always makes sure you are happy with what she has provided. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting help to manage stress or wanting to improve your life.